“Copy This”

Terrence Veiga

                                                  Copy This 

The article we had to read for this week’s assignment was titled “In Defense of Copyleft”. This article basically talks about the argument of copyleft, which some believe is the end of copyright. We are in a new age where we can no longer coin the term copyright, because it is not appropriate and does not allow freedom, according to Richard Stallman. Paul Lambert, a lawyer, begs to differ. He states that in order for copyleft to exist, you must still have copyright because copyleft relies on it. The article goes on to contrast the two and states a brief history of copyright. Lambert and Stallman continue their arguments and the article ends with idea GPL and copyleft as being philosophical.

             I believe that copyleft is good for the public who can’t afford to get expensive software. It’s not done with the intention or idea to steal “free” software, but rather have some of the same opportunities to learn the software as professionals.


Robots Or Humans???

Terrence Veiga
    Robot Or Humans?

    At first the article goes over the what ifs about machines taking over our jobs.

As the article progresses it informs us of the process it takes to design a web page.

First are the principles, which is the structure of all designs etc.

There has to be a plan for your creation basically, so its’ developed correctly.

The writer of the article says “The problem I’m describing is a lack of respect for web design as a profession, primarily caused  by ignorance”.

There’s an expectation to be able to work quickly and meet the deadline.

 I agree with the writer about his frustrations with the quality expected.

On the other hand it’s a demanding field to get into and each new idea raises the bar a little more each time.

As for robots, some day machines could take over more jobs but I find it hard for a machine to be as creative as a human.

For one machines know programs, applications and so on.

Robots are programed, so they’re limited in a way because they wouldn’t be able to come up with a quality web design with all the specific details without coping another web page.

I assume if someone created a robot to try to create a web deign it would have other web pages programed in it so it wouldn’t copy web pages but this is where the quality would kick in.

I might be a great field to work in and express your creativity but remember that it’s a demanding job so know what your getting into.

The watching eyes of google

Terrence Veiga

Are we safe from praying eyes?

Have you ever had the feeling you were being watch by someone? well you are. I had no idea that google’s

cookies wouldn’t expire until 2038. That’s an outrage, these people have a lot of nerve keeping our information in their

system. I understand that the government wants to stop minors from accessing pornography on the internet but

being in everyones busy is going to far. What are we suppose to do not use search engines. The internet is such

a major deal for most peoples everyday life. This situation should be a concern for us all because the government

once again wants to stick their noses in other peoples business. What about the hackers out there, there already

stealing peoples indenity, money and basically their lives. This to me sounds like open season for a hacker that

could get into the all mighty governments system. You know there’s someone out there that can do it too. So

could we fight back and is there really a way to? I know that there’s some people that could seriously be

affected by this open information and it makes me wonder about using google anymore. I don’t need the

government hovering over my should like an uptight boss would do. Soon each and every one of us will have

nowhere to hide. Meaning that every detail about our lives will be at the click of a button.


Net Neutrality 



In the first article Tim Berners Lee basically discusses what “Net Neutrality” really is and not what you’ve heard through the grape vine.  Tim starts off by telling us what his intentions were when he invented the web. He goes over blogging himself as well as others about net neutrality.  After the blogs telecommunications companies spent a ton of money on advertisements which misconstrues what the situation is really about.  So the first article is clarifying what’s going on in the government is hesitant on saving net neutrality.                        Tim Berners Lee continues with another article but with more details about what he envisioned when creating the web.  Tim’s vision for the web is freedom to create applications whenever and from whomever to bring new and exciting ideas to the net.  The idea he continues to have is in jeopardy and we need to do something about it.  Tim Berner Lee continues to get the word out with help from others for our benefit on “Net Neutrality.    

            The government is somewhat stalling to save our future internet needs.  Phone lines are essential to our communicating needs because they provide us the access or should I say service to the internet.  The phone companies are vital to us because we all need to communicate from various places.  The phone line and cable company are the gateway to the internet speed and they’re in the works of regulating the speed of all websites speed connections according to how they want it.  This act by the phone and cable companies are unacceptable to us all especially to the younger generation who look at the internet as a possible factor or even a major factor job wise. Together we can beat this obstacle or apart we can suffer the consequences of cable and phone companies’ greed to control us even more. I plan to fight back by checking online about the latest news on “Net Neutrality and getting involved. We should all be proactive otherwise “Our” internet will be gone for good and who knows what else they’ll take from us. There are thirty senators in the
U.S. that are for ‘Net Neutrality”, thirteen against it and fifty three senators that have not declared if their for it or against it. The numbers of undeclared senators is a great amount that need to decide whether or not their for the cause. These senators who haven’t decided can make a difference so please do so. Our senators in
Massachusetts have said their for “Net Neutrality which is appreciated but we need more support. I feel that this whole situation is about money and having control over others and the
U.S. is about freedom but our internet freedom is in their hands.

“Net Neutality”



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